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Selling Your Product at
The FlightSim Store
Selling Your Product at<br />The FlightSim Store
Current vendors access the Vendor Control Panel here.

The FlightSim Store is Australia's leading flight simulation enthusiast web store, providing an ever growing number of download and boxed titles and hardware. We offer a centralised distribution and registration service to authors and publishers and our zero risk "no sale, no fee" commission rates are some of the lowest in the world. Our standard commission is just 20% of your chosen sales price, leaving you with the other 80% that we will transfer to you monthly.

At The FlightSim Store you wont find any restrictive author/publisher programs and we don't want exclusive rights to sell your products, in fact we encourage you to find as many channels as you can through which to sell your products. We see ourselves as more of a distribution partner with the primary purpose to help get your flight simulation software sold. There is nothing required from you in order to get our very low standard rate of just 20%. That is lower than any of our major competitors standard rates!

How to get started:
  1. Sign up as a vendor using this form. We will contact you via email, you should have the following information ready:
    • Product description; describe what the product is and any highlighting features.
    • A URL for the product on your website if available.
    • Links to any supporting marketing material such as images and screenshots.
    • Download link for the file so we may obtain a copy for our servers.
    • A sample product key (if required) so that we may review the product.
    • Information about product registration. e.g. if required, how product keys or licenses are issued. We can also provide an installer for your software if required.
    • The price you wish to sell the product. Provide the price in your local currency, we will convert this price into an equivalent Australian dollar value.
    • Your preferred payment method.
  2. Once the details have been finalised we will list your product in our catalog and give you access to our Vendor Control Panel where you will be able to track sales and payments.
  3. The availability of your product will then be announced via our regular email newsletter network.
What happens then:
  1. We handle all payment processing and delivery of your product to the customer.
  2. On the last business day of every month we will issue you with notification via email of a payment which will be transferred within 5 business days.
  3. All sales support queries will be handled by us.
  4. For technical support, the customer will be referred to you.
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