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GoFlight - GF-RP48 Pushbutton and Rotary Switch Module
by Richardt Raymond Andersen Unverified User Date Added: Tuesday 07 August, 2012
Test of GF-LGT II & GF-RP48 Modules Produced by Go Flight

Flying a simulator on your home computer is fun, but I have experienced that more and more flightsimulator enthusiast are going to the next level of flight simulation and becoming home cockpit builders. Some are very interested in building a specific virtual cockpit and others are just interested in increasing their virtual flight simulator experience by adding look-alike hardware.

The market as I see it is growing incredibly fast and on several websites various home cockpit builders are showing off their creations. To support these requests from the enthusiast, several companies are now tuning their production this way.

I have had the pleasure of testing some of the equipment from Go Flight. In this review I test the two modules LGT II which is the second generation of the LGT module, and the RP48 which is a module consisting of 4 rotaries and 8 push buttons supported by 8 LEDs.

After finding out which modules I wanted to test and review this time, they were both ordered and send directly from Go Flight warehouse in the US to my location in Denmark. The package was sent by UPS and didnt take more than about 4 days which is very quick. When the package was dispatched at Go Flight I received a mail containing the track and trace number, and shortly hereafter I received a mail from UPS with a specific delivery date. Everything went perfectly and the two modules were delivered as scheduled.

Receiving the modules was very exiting they were both packed in the same box which of course is okay, and wrapped thoroughly in bobble paper so that they could not be damaged during the oversea freight. The service at Go Flight and the transport and packaging of the modules were all perfect and it is a delight when you do business with Go Flight.

Modules from Go Flight is made to be modules that can be placed into a console or panel or similar, meaning that for the most of the modules, they have no cabinet protecting the inside electronics. It is simply not necessary when placing the modules in a console. This is of course something you do need to know before buying these modules, because if you dont have a console, you cannot use them properly if you e.g. just place them on your desk. For me it was no problem I have made myself a console that could fit the modules from Go Flight. A little detail for me, as a European customer, was that I measures in the metric system and the US uses the imperial system No problem though, but a good detail when making a console that fits properly.

When you purchase these modules you will find USB cables included so this you dont have to buy separately, and also included are various labels put on a magnetic sheet. Here you simply just cut the labels you need and place them on the tag marks on the corresponding module. Simple, easy, realistic look and they also contribute to an added feeling of realism and giving the simmer an extra good experience in my opinion. Not every command can be found on one of the magnetic labels, but you do get some extra labels which are empty, and here you can write your own proper commands if you like.

Connecting the modules to the computer is very simple they are made as plug and play, so the only thing you need to do, is to pug the USB cables into the modules and then into the computer. If you dont yet have any hardware from GoFlight, you can download software from their website. They have one software download covering all their products and this software are easy to install and very user friendly. Downloading the software from the Go Flight website is also easy and quick due to a very good connection to the Go Flight server.

When you connect the modules into your computer and open the software program, you are now able to configure the hardware with all pre-programmed features by Go Flight. There are here a lot of various options but if you wish to customize your hardware in different ways than what the software by Go Flight supports, then this can also be done. To do that you can purchase the FSUPIC by Peter Dowson on SimMarket I am not going to review or explain how that program is working in this review, but this is just information that the Go Flight modules are also compatible with that program.

Customizing the modules is easy and does not take too much time if you already have prepared how you want the modules configured. The LGT II is of course pre-configured for the most parts. All three trim wheels are assigned, the gear lever and the flaps switch is also assigned, but if you wish to re-configure them, then this is also possible. On the LGT II module you also have a programmable switch where you can assign 3 actions. The switch can move to the left and right with holding positions and it can also click downward but this with a jump back function. I kept all pre-assigned action for the LGT II, but customized the programmable switch with push-back (left), parking brake (right) and fuel transfer all (down)

Another superb feature for the LGT II, is the fact that Go Flight has created 3 LEDs to correspond to the gear lever meaning that when the gear is down you have 3 greens light and when the gear is up you get 3 red lights that shuts off after a little while. In the software configuration you can alter this to be the opposite if you what. That could be if you e.g. wanted to mount the LGT II above your head or otherwise had to change the usage, then you do have this possibility.

The RP48 is not pre-programmed so this you will have to do by yourself. Still this is very easy and you just use the Go Flight software or the FSUPIC. Dont use both because that can confuse the computer if you by an accident program the same button or switch with two separate commands.

When using Go Flight software to assign actions to the RP48 you will quickly notice that the RP48 can actually work together with other Go Flight modules as e.g. the GF-46 Multi-Mode Display Module or the GF-166 module. Combining modules like this example will give you the possibility to increase your usage of all your modules, which is a superb idea and this provides the simmer with a very powerful hardware setup, where you can get so many configurations that you really more or less dont need e.g. your keyboard.

You can also configure the RP48 to be used as a mouse, trim wheels, seat adjustments or as a simplified autopilot without the number features. I how ever did not configure the RP48 this way. I programmed my rotaries with e.g. GPS Zoom in/out, mission waypoint next/previous, hoist cable up/down and engine start and shutdown. The pushbuttons I programmed with hoist in/out, map, doors/canopy, smoke, wing fold/unfold, water rudder up/down and increase fuel quantity, but this you can yourself customize to fit your specific requirements and to fit whatever cockpit configuration or setup you already have.

The level of quality for both modules is very high as I also did expect. The modules consist of a circuit board with built in rotators and switches/buttons and then attached to a front plate in metal with a powder coating on. It does not look that complex but the realism and the feeling you get when using these modules are superb. The front plates are laser cut and on the LGT II module you also have legends printed on to the front plate. Really nice detail!

It is easy to see that these modules are of really good quality and not just some plastic units. Go Flight has here provided the flightsim community with two extremely well made modules that could fit into every flight simmers virtual cockpit setup without any problems.

Another great thing about these modules is that you dont need to have any power adapters or similar both modules operate on the power supplied by the computer through the USB cable which in my opinion is a really great setup. I have in my home cockpit a lot of various wires and cords, so when I noticed that I only needed the USB cables (which I put through a USB-hub) I was very happy.

I cant find anything negative to say about these modules They look good, they feel good and by using them you gain a tremendous amount of realism and your flightsim experience will be very much improved. Both modules are very versatile and can be programmed exactly after your desire. The design is great and the modules are both made with an impressive finish. The functionality is incredible and that even without having an impact on the user friendliness.

Pricewise I find these modules in the medium range when comparing to other similar hardware solutions. You do get full value for your money when purchasing Go Flight modules. For these modules there are no sounds they only sound they make are the clicks etc when activating the various switches which is perfect. The modules represent hardware that does not support or include sounds in real life so of course these modules should not make any sound either.

I tested both modules on various flights in a lot of different aircrafts and found absolutely no problems using them in any aircraft that I tried. The modules are so versatile that they can adapt to any aircraft, and all you have to do, is of course to make sure that you have programmed the modules after your own cockpit setup. I have tried the modules together with default aircrafts and almost every single payware aircraft in my virtual hangar a list of these aircrafts can be viewed on my website under Portfolio.

There are no manual included in the package when you purchase these modules, and you honestly dont need one anyway all FAQs can be found together with the software you use to program the modules.

All in all you here have two superb modules that bring you an added realism, and I do recommend fellow flightsimmers to purchase these modules You wont be disappointed that is for sure. Go Flight indeed has an eye for the details and I rate these modules with a 5/5-star rating each because they are simply awesome, so well made and very easy to install and program. Thank you Go Flight for bringing these excellent modules into our flightsimulator community After reviewing them I just cant understand how I could have done without them before.

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GoFlight - GF-RP48 Pushbutton and Rotary Switch Module
Test of GF-LGT II & GF-RP48 Modules Produced by Go Flight ..
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