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Lionheart - Avelina FSX/P3D
Lionheart - Avelina FSX/P3D

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  • Lionheart - Avelina FSX/P3D
  • Lionheart - Avelina FSX/P3D
  • Lionheart - Avelina FSX/P3D
  • Lionheart - Avelina FSX/P3D
  • Lionheart - Avelina FSX/P3D
  • Lionheart - Avelina FSX/P3D
  • Lionheart - Avelina FSX/P3D
  • Lionheart - Avelina FSX/P3D
  • Lionheart - Avelina FSX/P3D
  • Lionheart - Avelina FSX/P3D
  • Lionheart - Avelina FSX/P3D
  • Lionheart - Avelina FSX/P3D

An experimental excercise into the future of general aviation and the new forms of propulsion systems of tomorrow.


It is the year 2019, years into the future. The world coming into a new time of manufacturing and new technologies. The electric propulsion and battery industries have taken off immensely, revolutionizing the world of transportation as we know it.

Your destiny in the world of tomorrows aviation begins now in the year 2019!


Looking more like a Reno air racer, rather then a family plane, this sleek design is totally new. Note the radical cowling shape, the fluid lines of a highly aerodynamic vehicle, the wide wingspan of flexible, high glide ratio wings designed for low drag and high atmosphere flight, and the large front and rear windscreens that help to make VFR flying more manageable.

The Avelina package features 7 paint scheme packages that are more like 'themes', from Arctic White, to Azure deep Metallic blue, to Stockholm Yellow to the sleek Stuttgart Red. Some features include flexing composite wings that move with G-loads and wind gusts, deployable 'parking mode' with optional luggage loadout, and 3 sets of pilots; male only, female only, and couple.


With each variant color theme package includes an interior to match it. Wood trim, (elaboarate burled wood veneer), ranges from dark walnut to bright cherrywood, to a stained yellow wood for the Stockholm Yellow pack. Leather colors include black on black, cream on dark khaki, to white on navy blue, as well as connolly tan on black.

The 'Elektra RG 'Alpha' is the first series of the Avelina aircraft line to be fully electric and equipped with RG, model version One or 'Alpha'.


The panel system of the Avelina is the most exciting part of the aircraft, filled with features and functions, options and opening nooks and animated components such as the steering colum (which can also be hidden) and the forward sun visors. An emergency popup 'auxilary' instruments pod is located in the top center of the dash, and a small, rectangular HUD display arises from the far forward center of the dash, featuring readouts from time to altitude, speed and temp.

Another cool feature for this futuristic plane of tomorrow is 'changeable' primary screen 'background themes'. Digital art and graphics fill the main pilots flight screen, and in the settings center, you can switch through 7 different backgrounds. This was my thought, that a plane of tomorrow, even cars, would be able to download new panel themes with such elaborate screen systems.

The interior design theme brings modern day automotive technology into the aircraft with creature comforts of an automobile all throughout the sleek craft. Its almost like a 'flying car' from the inside, but a plane on the outside.


An extremely expansive manual (jam packed full of screenshots) is available free for people that want to see and read more on this wild aircraft of tomorrow. This manual is in PDF format.

Special Features

  • The Avelina for Flight Simulator is packed solid with tons of gadgets and gizmos, things you never thought would be in a plane. This is a list of some of the features of this 'voyage into tomorrow', the Elektra RG by Avelina.
  • High graphics LCD touch interface PFD and MFD computer system
  • Wing animations; G-load flexing as well as flight vibration
  • Extreme amount of interior animations, from opening storage nooks and drink cup covers to deploying rear seat joystick, to fold down rear seat computer interface screen for rear passengers entertainment, fold down rear tables, etc, etc
  • Deploying foot steps when doors open
  • Unique sound pack that features the whine or whir of the Negev aircooled motors to the muffled mini APU jet recharger
  • Electric roll down windows featuring Apple ‘Alumino-Silica flexible super lightweight non-scratch glass for extreme sound cancellation
  • ‘Whisper’ prop with carbonfiber construction, this is a 6 bladed fan with very little mass that is built to be quiet, like its predessor from the DeHavilland ‘Whisper Jet’ series
  • Optional pilot loadout adjuster in the Settings section of the Kiosk; You have Male only, Female only, and Couple loadout modes.
  • 7 Various LCD background themes (wallpapers) for the primary flight display screen
  • Total Time readout for logging your flight time on the Settings page in the Kiosk
  • Argon landing lights and LED taxi and NAV lights
  • Quick views for VC mode that include steering wheel, Kiosk, power center, and rear seat view points
  • Pitot auto-hide safety park system; the pitot tube retracts into the wing when powering down your ship
  • Deployable wing adhered solar arrays for the Solar-Hybrid version
  • Built in checklist system in Kiosk center
  • 86 Page Pilots Manual jam packed with screenshots for quick learning and skimming
  • 7 Paint Schemes or rather ‘themed color packages’ including wood veneer variations
  • GPS custom interface with fitted popup screens
  • Optional loadout custom Avelina flight luggage
  • Tie down mode when you shut down your flight
  • Flight speed warning ‘sounds’, color changing fonts, popup warning avatars
  • Precision speed dial throttle for 135, 175, and 200 knots cruise settings
  • Belly mounted metal landing skid for emergency belly landings
  • Featherable composite 6 bladed ‘Whisper’ prop
  • Hideable steering wheel and colum, adjustable/pivoting column
  • Pull down adjustable sun visors
  • Nose gear features an aero foil fairing cover and rock guard shield
  • Rear mounted APU exhaust duct for low sound management
  • AC System features automatic drop down wing mounted intercoolers
  • Popup HUD mini LCD screen, has Chronometer, speed, bearing, altitude, OAT
  • Popup Emergency Aux Gauges; for power out emergencies, a 3 gauge popup pod slowly unlatches and raises up from the dash, non electric gauges
  • Hidden fuse/circuit breakers under forward dashboard wood trim strip
  • Automatic computer operated safeties include auto gear deploy when descending under 200 feet, auto gear raise when over 150 knots, windows auto-raise when over 120 knots, aux emergency gauge pod deploys when 100% power failure occurs
  • Digital instrumentation screens have 4 ‘tint/brightness’ settings
  • Low speed stall with flaps at 45 knots, 55 without flaps, feature speed alarm and custom stall alarm
  • APU Recharger will recharge batteries a percentage every 15 mins for added flight time on long journeys
  • Android Mode ‘Cruise Control’ system has dual selection systems; Quick Select/Lock, and ‘Set/Tune and Engage when ready’.
  • Steering wheel fitted with ‘all’ AP controls for controlling flight

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