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  • TopSkills - Flight-Sim Navigation
  • TopSkills - Flight-Sim Navigation

Instructions supplied with flight-simulation programs skim the surface of what a flight-sim pilot needs to know. Go deeper than the superficial and learn how real pilots navigate from airport to airport and around the world.

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Flight-Sim Navigation explains how you can find your way from any airport to any other airport just as real pilots do. Become familiar with navigation terms, concepts and methods. Learn to read official aviation charts. See how real pilots plan and prepare their cross-country flights. Learn how to compensate for winds so you can stay on course. See how to use the same skyways that real commercial pilots use. And learn how to use the Global Positioning System for precise navigation. All these navigation facts and methods are explained in a manual written just for flight-simulation pilots like you from real aviation texts. Clear explanations, concise definitions, easy-to-follow graphics and self-learning exercises make your learning task easy and fun. The whole book applies to all flight-simulation programs.

Reach Any Destination the Way Real Pilots Do
Learn to use the methods that real commercial, military and general-aviation pilots use to get from airport to airport, coast to coast and continent to continent. Flight-Sim Navigation explains all of it!

Use Professional Navigation Concepts, Methods and Terms
Flight-Sim Navigation explains the fundamentals of navigation first, so you can easily learn the more complicated principles, procedures and practices. You will learn about position, direction, distance, time, speed, altitude and much more. Then you will build on these fundamentals in later chapters.

Read and Use Aviation Charts
Flight-Sim Navigation explains aviation charts, where to get them and how to use them for the most realistic navigation. You'll learn about Sectionals, World Aeronautical Charts, En Route Charts, Planning Charts, Terminal Area Charts, Operational Charts and special charts. Note: Flight-Sim Navigation is a self-training manual that contains a few exerpts of aviation charts as samples for instruction. It does not contain any entire charts.

Plan and Prepare Like Professional Pilots
Lay out your cross-country flights the way real pilots lay out theirs. Learn to select best courses, choose best altitudes, make and use flight plans, get your equipment ready, keep your cockpit in order and much more. It's all clearly explained in Flight-Sim Navigation.

Compensate for Winds and Stay on Course
Winds, which pilots find almost everywhere, at every altitude and at every moment, can push you far off course unless you compensate for them. Flight-Sim Navigation thoroughly explains how to compensate for head winds, tail winds, cross winds and high-speed, high-altitude winds. Use the wind triangle to calculate course adjustments and plot your progress along your course.

Use the Same Skyways the Airlines Use
Specified air routes are required in many airspaces, altitudes and conditions. Flight-Sim Navigation describes the airways and jet routes and explains how to use them.

Navigate With the Global Positioning System
Learn to use the newest, easiest and most accurate navigation system available to general-aviation pilots in decades. It's available to most flight-simulation aviators, and Flight-Sim Navigation explains it clearly with definitions, descriptions, explanations and visual depictions. Learn about waypoints, GPS devices and more.

Navigate Long Range
Combine all the techniques from Chapters 1 through 8 and fly from continent to continent, over sparsely populated seas and bush country. It's all explained in an all new chapter! And fly our suggested long-range routes: New York to London, Seattle to Tokyo and plenty of others! NEW CHAPTER in this release.

Find Needed Information Quickly and Easily
Flight-Sim Navigation is organised and laid out for your easiest use. Information is divided into relevant chapters, and chapters are organised into easy-to-follow sections. Headings and captions help you find information quickly. It's fully indexed for quick reference.

Clearly Written and Easy to Use
Flight-Sim Naviation is written by expert flight simmers and professional aviators, then published by an experienced training enterprise to help you learn by reading and doing. Policies, procedures and practices used by professional real-world pilots are explained in straight-forward, easy-to-follow English. Visual aids help you grasp the principles, and easy-to-follow exercises help you apply the concepts and methods for experience and learning.

For All Flight Simmers
The flight principles, procedures and practices explained in Flight-Sim Navigation apply to all aircraft -- general aviation, commercial or military -- as well as all flight-sim games. It's comparable to flight training manuals that apply to all aircraft, including the popular and special ones. We can't write one book that explains every specific aircraft, and we can't write a separate book for each airpline, either. So we explain the most common general-aviation aircraft in this book, and readers can easily adapt our explanations to the specific aircraft they're flying.

For Anywhere in the World
Whether you are in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Australia, Europe or the Pacific Rim, Flight Simulator Navigation is for you. It is based on real aviation rules, principles, procedures and practices that general-aviation pilots use around the world. The only exceptions are those few aviation laws and regulations unique to your country.

For Home Flight Simulation Exclusively
Your Flight-Sim Navigation is written exclusively for home flight-simulation pilots. It's based on real aviation textbooks and manuals �" with the relevant material emphasised and the irrelevant material omitted. You will not need to flip through pages and pages of technical aviation texts, because that work has been done for you. You won't have to skip over irrelevant materials, because they have been omitted for you.

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