Angle of Attack - PMDG MD-11 Training
Angle of Attack - PMDG MD-11 Training

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Just Released!

AoA's Biggest, Baddest, Boldest Flight Sim Training ... yet

**It's Finally Here!! PMDG MD-11 Training - in HD!!**

Angle of Attack is totally pumped to bring you our PMDG MD-11 flight sim training program - in high definition and available in 3 convenient video formats! The MD-11 course takes every training we've produced so far and amps it up a few flight levels. If you want to learn to fly this plane, you've come to the right place!... In fact, the only place for this kind of training.

Check out our High Definition video quality. Awesome, isn't it?

The Top 11 Reasons

You don't want to miss out on this amazing MD-11 virtual flight training:

Here is why you should enroll today

  1. Exclusivity:
    AOA is the only place to get it! Our base software model is the best in the market.
  2. Updated & enhanced:
    Even flight simmers who got in on our earlier, limited-release MD-11 training will be blown away by this new version.
  3. Now in High Definition:
    Should the action on your TV be more vivid than your flight sim training? No way! We're HD ¦ and lovin' it!
  4. Online convenience:
    Like our other training programs, MD-11 is available streaming online. Access training 24/7 from your computer, anywhere in the world..
  5. Downloadable, too:
    Your MD-11 Training is also available for download in HD
  6. Go-Go Gadget:
    We even offer a version for mobile devices like smart phones, for your ultimate learning pleasure- on the go.
  7. Expanded Training:
    MD-11 is our longest training program yet, adding a whopping 11 hours and 8 minutes into your logbook!
  8. Realistic Single Pilot operations:
    We've really focused on teaching you 'single pilot' operations in this one, for the most authentic simulator pilot experience ever.
  9. More routes:
    Test your flying mettle with not one, not two, but three flights: short haul, medium haul and long haul.
  10. Quicker to flight:
    Systems training on the MD-11 occurs during the actual flights, so you get into the cockpit and up in the air sooner! Practical knowledge rules the day.
  11. Enhanced member's area:
    Check out the AOA member's area. We've enhanced the graphics to make learning even easier! It's also the place to share feedback with other MD-11 trainees and AoA staff on our website.

Experience PMDG MD-11 Flight Sim Training in HD

What's so special about the MD11?

Quite simply, it's really cool. But on a more serious note, this aircraft has an amazing level of automation that you truly have to be trained on to fully appreciate and manage. That's why we've devoted so much time to developing this training module. This jet airliner presents a whole new set of piloting challenges -- challenges we guarantee you will have fun mastering. Here's a preview of what you'll learn through AoA's innovative MD 11 video training course:


Get comprehensive, easy-to-follow, hands-on video training on the procedures that are most important for you to know.

You'll learn about:


Normal Takeoff
Low Speed Abort
High Speed Abort
Asymmetric Takeoff with HOLD and Fuel Dump


VOR Approach into Zurich
Localizer Approach into Honolulu
Visual Approach into New York's JFK
Difficult Approach into Kai Tak
CATI Handflown ILS into Amsterdam


The best part of this training is the flights (if we do say so ourselves). Rather than holding you back reviewing systems details, we spend more time - a lot more time - in the air. And instead of just one flight, like our older products, this training includes 3:

Short Haul =London to Palma De Mallorca

Start with a very detailed preflight before getting on the flight deck to finally make sense of all the numbers. Planning programs are confusing, and now you can demystify these confusing programs. Jump in the cold and dark cockpit and learn how to bring the aircraft alive. No more loading up the MD-11 with engines running, or perhaps no more guessing how you're supposed to set it up. Set it up the REAL way. Then take the aircraft through a realistic flow of procedures, connecting all you've learned during the procedures section. Learn in part how the amazing automated systems of this aircraft assist you along the way to get you to Sunny Palma.

Medium Haul = Anchorage to Memphis

Now in the Great White North, it's time to load up at one of the worlds largest cargo hubs and take some freight to the Heartland of America. Learn to get the aircraft going from a 'warmed' stage after the last crew has left it. Use anti-ice procedures to keep the airframe and engine clear of icing, and do the interesting departure out of Anchorage. Later on you'll perform several step climbs along with a detailed download of knowledge from AOA to your brain on why step climbs are done, and the importance of optimum cruise. Do another approach and landing into Memphis, stopping on the ramp and shutting her down after over a 5 hour flight.

Long Haul = Honolulu to Sydney

Now is where the serious simulator pilots get separated from those that are pretenders. Manage not only the preflight, aircraft initialization and startup procedures but also ATC along the entire way. Not only will you have to juggle the frequencies and jargon of the controllers, but no procedure is left easy for you and nothing is left undone. Only the true blue MD-11 trained virtual pilot can do a flight of this magnitude, length and duration. This is the end of the journey for this training, but the beginning of a whole new mindset on how to fly this aircraft with precision- the way real pilots fly it every day on these routes.

Why should you train with AoA?

Video training is hands-down the best way to learn flying technique (apart from actually flying with an instructor, of course). Through video tutorials, we SHOW you how to operate the MD11 rather than just TELLING you. If you're already an AOA member, you know we use the best, most realistic flightsim technology. Maybe you've done our Aviator90 and AviatorPro training, or even PMDG 747 training. Great! So now you're ready for a bigger challenge. And the PMDG MD 11 is definitely a bigger challenge! AOA offers the absolute best MD-11 video training you'll find anywhere. You get all the great member benefits you've come to expect from AOA, in an enhanced training experience that's:
  • Longer (11h 8m) and more intense than previous trainings (truly built with the advanced simmer in mind as well)
  • Even more convenient (available in streaming online, downloadable, or mobile device versions)
  • Higher video quality - High definition makes a big difference
  • Focused on flying time - Get into the cockpit sooner and choose from 3 flight lengths
  • If you're looking to master the PMDG MD-11 you've come to the right place. Angle of Attack.

Yes, I want the MD-11 Training NOW

Instant Delivery!

All Systems, Procedure and Flight Training!

Welcome aboard! We had so much fun developing this training. I know you're going to love the MD 11 as much as we do.

Throttle On

Chris Palmer and the AOA Crew

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